Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fleischers Selling Carses

This is an ad for Olds by the Fleischer Bros. I always enjoy the voice acting from that studio, but this is particularly hilarious. The villian is Gus Wickie, who went on to do Bluto is the early Popeye shorts. Not sure who is playing Lucille, but it certainly isn't a woman.

"Oh, my operation"???

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Stephen Worth said...

The voice of the woman in this short is the famous singer, Billy Murray. Murray was also the voice of Bimbo in the early Talkartoons. Billy Murray has the honor of being the first entertainer who rose to fame purely on the basis of his recordings. He made thousands of records between 1905 and 1940, including Under The Anheiser Bush, K-K-K-Katie, Yes, We Have No Bananas and When Tony Goes Over the Top.

I'll always remember him for the line, "Oh! My operation!"

See ya