Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fighting in the War Room

... or why I stopped caring about the bomb and simply obsess about film. This Armageddon Wednesday features Peter Sellers as the President...

... Captain Mandrake (who would be my favorite character in the film, if not for practically every other character in the film)...

... and Dr. Strangelove. If the world is going to blow up, I'd rather have Sellers lead the way. He may have been crazy in real life, but you gotta be a little crazy to work in this place.

And from the "Well-Known Factoid to Many People, Obscure Factoid to Most" department, Sellers was originally cast in the Slim Pickens role, but evidently four roles in one film was too much of a strain. Oh, come on Peter, suck it up. Actually, it's hard to picture the role without Pickens.

There, it was inevitable that we get to Dr. Strangelove some Wednesday. Maybe next week we'll have more Cold War shenanigans.

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