Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fondness For Headroom

I'm not sure how I feel about Max Headroom. Part of me passes it off as a pointless cyber-relic, but part of me feels nostalgic for the days when it represented a brave new world of acceptable and quirky dystopianism. In any event, has an article about a real life Max Headroom that hijacked WGN back in 1987. Anarchy!!!

I initially was led to believe that the origin of the name came from a broadcasting term indicating maximum headroom in a camera shot, but I can't seem to verify that. Damn internet is too big.

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'mi said...

"Max Headroom" got his name from the accident that created him. His human alter ego crashed in a parking garage and the last words he saw were "max. headroom" though I don't remember what the maximum actually was...