Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Big Animules in My Dreams

Another grotesque monstrosity of a critter in Mark Trail. Incidentally, I had a dream last night about big animals. Here's how it went, and this is all the absolute truth, I swear -

I was a passenger in a elaborately constructed metal glider. Me and a bunch of people I know. Well, first we were attacked by gigantic storks, some with human bodies. We managed to evade them by employing some chain-type mechanism. And then we crashed into a lake full of fresh water sharks. These were just average in size. However, once we were airborne again, and flying over Kentucky, below us there appeared hundreds of giant gorillas fighting not-so-giant elephants. And then giant gorillas were dropping from the sky, from B-52s. And then a giant tucan attacked us, but I threw something sharp at it and it disappeared. We finally landed in a shallow cove, and the U.S. Marines came, and gave us a round of applause.

Thank you Mark Trail, for making my dreams incomprehensible and idiotic. Regardless, I hope it picks up where it left off when I fall asleep tonight.

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