Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Road to Colorado

So I'm reading Hunter S. Thompson's book on the Hell's Angels, aptly titled Hell's Angels, which is really fascinating and a great companion read to Electric Kool-Aid. I'm nearly all the way through, but I was compelled to pick up Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and flip through that a little, thinking that I would probably have to go ahead and read that again. Upon perusing it a little and seeing Ralph Steadman's ink-spattered illustrative greatness, I decided to do a Google image search. After I worked my way through several pages of random Steadman pics, I came across the following drawing.

I then remembered that Steadman designs all the labels for the Flying Dog Brewery in Colorado. This came about because the owner of the brewery was close friends with Hunter, who, you know, lived in Colorado. I remember seeing the bottles when I was out there last year, but have no clue why I was dumb enough not to buy some.

So, that's the story explaining why I am now trying to procure beer through certain negligible methods because I live a hundred miles in the middle of nowhere. The End.

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