Monday, July 23, 2007

EC Comics Monday

Due to my recent resurgence of interest in EC Comics, Zombie Monday has become EC Monday! I read a very good issue of Tales From the Crypt yesterday and was going to scan some panels emphasizing the different artists. Alas, I am at work, so it will have to wait until next week. But I figure that this is a great way for me to really wrap my head around this amazing archive of stories and art, since as a kid I really just had a fleeting, morbid interest in the whole thing. And considering the wordiness of the stories, I didn't even read half of them. But don't worry. If the whole thing seems a bit too academic, there's certainly enough to poke fun at, which I will surely do.

One last thing, I just learned yesterday that a comics publisher called Papercutz is producing all new issues of Tales. They seem to have a definite indie-comic flavor to them, which could work. I ordered the first issue off of ebay, so we shall see. Here's the cover:

Looks like the subsequent covers will be in the traditional EC format. There seems to be a lot of respect for the original run, which will help its longevity.

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