Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not Really Armageddon Wednesday

Say, it's Chicken Little from Disney's 1943 short, Chicken Little. It obviously has less to do with the end of the world and more with Nazism (or generally, as in the fable, manipulation and hysteria).

Foxy Loxy, while shown to be reading a book labeled "Psychology" to facilitate the spread of fear and chaos, actually recites passages from Mein Kampf. I presume the original story ends happily for the chickens, but in accordance with the symbolism, the cartoon ends with rows of wishbones and a happily engorged Foxy. "Don't believe everything you read, brudder."

Incidentally, try image searching Chicken Little these days and you come up with thousands of pictures of this poor dope:

"What the hell am I? Why do I look like McKimson's Junior???"

Old argument, but I had to bring it up.

As a final note, although contrary to what happens in the 1943 short, I'd like to think that Ducky Lucky and the booze crew would remain perfectly complacent as the sky falls.

"We were sailin' aloooongg... on Moonlight Baaaaaaay (hic!)"


I just read the wiki article on the original fable. Many different endings, all relavent. Check it out.

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