Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No Chaplin?

Here's an interesting statement on personal interests and their application or association to the web in general or blogs in particular. I was searching blogcatalog.com, one of the dozens of blog directories listing the tens of thousands of blogs out there by everyone from professional artists and technophiles to your Aunt Gertie. It appears that on this particular site there are about 2,500 music blogs, 4,000 political blogs and so forth. Blogs can be searched by tags or just by content. Anyway, to make a long diatribe short, I searched for Chaplin and only one result appeared, and it wasn't even referring to Charlie. Tens of thousands of blogs with hundreds and thousands of blog posts and not one has to do with the Tramp? Seems inconceivable. But I've already noted over the years that there really isn't a huge classic film community on the web. It probably has something to do with the fact that classic film is a somewhat static, academic concept, with only DVD releases and film preservation efforts as the means to current, topical comment or conversation to anyone who isn't a filmmaker and studying technique or whatnot.

Anyway, here's a post for you Charlie. One of my several hundred heroes, you are. In case anyone is wondering, the above pic is from A Dog's Life.

*Update* - I've found a couple sites after all:

The Crowd Roars

Out of the Past

And of course, the seminal Greenbriar Picture Shows blog.

And about 108 mentions of Charlie Chaplin within posts, as would be probable, although still pretty low. I guess it would be fairly representational of real life, subculture vs. pop culture.

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Daniel said...

Sorry you had a hard time finding what you were looking for. While we don't have to many blogs only about Charlie Chaplin, there are a lot that mention him from time to time: