Monday, July 2, 2007

Los Tres Zombie Monday

On this Zombie Monday we celebrate the fact that Rob Zombie's animated feature film, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, is somewhere in post-post-production. The most exciting aspect for me is that the character of Dr. Satan, shown above, is voiced by none other than Paul Giamatti. I can't seem to figure out when this is going to be released, but Zombie seems to suggest in the wiki article that they may get slapped with the horrible NC-17 rating, so that would definitely hinder it's distribution.

Speaking of the horrible NC-17 rating, I just watched This Film Is Not Yet Rated, a pretty decent documentary about how the MPAA delegates the entire film rating system to a handful of anonymous "average adults," anonymous so as to avoid outside influence, never mind the fact that they are influenced internally by the studios themselves. No child psychiatrists allowed, as designated by the former duce, Jack Valenti. Anyway, this is why you'll see five hundred people killed in an R movie but any overt and frequent references to sex will ramp it up to NC-17. Violence speaks to the key demographic and somehow doesn't offend conservative Christian values anymore. There's basically no checks and balances, no citing precedent. Fascism at its best.

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